Paying with PayPal

The Southcentral Bike Fest chose PayPal as the means for processing payments. Customers with a PayPal account will be able to log in as they normally do when purchasing online. Customers without a PayPal account will be offered the option of creating a free account if they so choose. Some of the SCBF staff have been using PayPal for many years and are satisfied with its features and security.

If you are not a PayPal member then you may instead use your credit card without creating a PayPal account. The following guide has been developed to help guide you through the process.

Step 1. Select items from the store to be added to your Shopping Cart. The Cart will update as each item is added.

Step 2. Inside the Cart, change the number in the Quantity Box to purchase more than one item. You may also choose the same item repeatedly to increase its Quantity. You may also delete an item by clicking the Trashcan icon beside it.

Step 3. When finished, click the PayPal Submit icon to be transferred to PayPal.

PayPal Checkout icon
PayPal Checkout icon

Step 4. Advance to the second screen that PayPal provides.

Step 5. Enter your credit card checkout information as you would for any other purchase. Once complete, look at the bottom of the page where you will have the option of creating a PayPal account or checking out as a guest. Select the “Pay now as guest” option to continue. The figure below shows you what to look for. You will notice the blue arrows we’ve added to highlight the proper selection.

PayPal Guest Checkout
PayPal Guest Checkout

If all goes well PayPal will complete your purchase and send you back to the page from whence you came! I hope this short explanation will be useful. tutorial. Please contact me if you have issues with the payment system. I can be reached at

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